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{% load staticfiles %}{% load loc_tags %}{% load load_html_tags %}{% if subcategory == "acrobaticsgymnastics" %} Classes in gymnastics for kids, Toddler gymnastics and gymnastics games {% elif subcategory == "badminton" %}Play badminton games and Badminton lessons available. {% elif subcategory == "baseball" %}All you need in baseball for kids. Baseball camps. Baseball drills. Check out now. {% elif subcategory == "basketball" %}Learn basketball plays, basketball drills for kids. Basketball camp. Sign up for basketball games for kids. {% elif subcategory == "football" %}Football games for kids. Sign up for football camps, learn football drills. {% elif subcategory == "golf" %}Golf lessons for kids. Golf tips for beginners and golf swing tips. Practice golf games. Sign up for golf camps {% elif subcategory == "hockey" %}Learn field hockey. Hockey games for kids. Join Hockey camps. Look up our hockey service providers {% elif subcategory == "ice-skating" %}Ice skating lessons for Kids. {% elif subcategory == "martial-arts" %}Kids can learn martial arts like karate, tae kwon do, mixed martial arts, etc. {% elif subcategory == "skiing-and-snowboarding" %}Enjoy snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners. Get your kid skiing lessons {% elif subcategory == "soccer" %}Book soccer camps, summer soccer camps or soccer drills {% elif subcategory == "softball" %}Options for softball pitching, softball pitching drills, softball camps, softball training. {% elif subcategory == "swimming" %}Learn swimming strokes, swimming techniques. Swimming workouts. Kids swimming sessions {% elif subcategory == "table-tennis" %}Check out our Table tennis training options and games {% elif subcategory == "tennis" %}Tennis lessons for kids, tennis games for kids. {% elif subcategory == "track-and-field" %}Avail track and field training. Options for track and field for kids. {% elif subcategory == "volleyball" %}Enroll for kids volleyball practice. {% elif subcategory == "water-sports" %}Learn surfing, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding. Sign up now for water sports for kids {% elif subcategory == "yoga" %}Join kids yoga. Learn yoga poses for Kids {% elif subcategory == "biology" %}Learn human science of biology, biology for kids, biology experiments, biology science fair projects. {% elif subcategory == "business" %}Learn Business and leadership skills, collaboration, delegation, time management, management techniques and other business tools. {% elif subcategory == "chemistry" %}Learn chemistry. Develop science fair projects, easy science fair projects, cool science fair projects. Inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry experiments. {% elif subcategory == "chinese" %}Study Chinese characters and Chinese letters, Mandarin Chinese and more. {% elif subcategory == "computers-and-tech" %}Learn Robotics. Lego Robotics, Java programming, coding, design software, computer animation, prototyping and more. {% elif subcategory == "english" %}Study English poetry and English prose. Enjoy literature, English literature, classic literature. {% elif subcategory == "esl" %}Enroll for ELD. Learn how to speak English. English lessons. {% elif subcategory == "finance" %}Learn personal finance, basic finance, finance basics. {% elif subcategory == "french" %}How to speak French, French language writing and other French language related skills {% elif subcategory == "geography" %}World geography, physical geography, human geography, earth science. Geography for kids. Geography games. Enroll today {% elif subcategory == "german" %}Learn how to speak and write German language. {% elif subcategory == "hebrew" %}Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew numbers, Hebrew language, Hebrew writing, Hebrew script. {% elif subcategory == "hindi" %}Hindi alphabet, Hindi script, speak Hindi, Hindi classes, Hindi lessons, Devanagari. Learn about Indian culture. {% elif subcategory == "history" %}Learn world history, American history. Learn your history and about historic events. {% elif subcategory == "italian" %}Learn Italian, how to speak Italian, Italian language. Learn about Italian culture. {% elif subcategory == "math" %}Math games, Math problems, Math for kids, Math help, Math practice, algebra, trigonometry, algorithm. Math is fun. {% elif subcategory == "physics" %}Physics formulas, laws of Physics, Physics problems, Physics for kids, Physics Science Fair projects, Physics experiments. {% elif subcategory == "spanish" %}How to speak Spanish, Spanish language. Learn about Hispanic culture / Spanish culture. {% elif subcategory == "carpentry" %}All about carpentry. Carpentry classes, learn carpentry, safe use of hand tools. Designing and building carpentry projects {% elif subcategory == "cartooning" %}Enjoy drawing cartoons. Learn cartooning at our art studio. Draw cartoons. Cartooning for kids. Cartooning lessons {% elif subcategory == "cooking" %}All about cooking. Kids cooking classes. Learn about nutrition and healthy foods. {% elif subcategory == "crafts" %}Arts and crafts for kids. Learn easy and fun crafts for kids. Learn paper crafts and other summer crafts {% elif subcategory == "drawing-and-painting" %}Learn drawing, painting, sketching. Practice art drawing, freehand drawing, abstract painting and more. {% elif subcategory == "fashion-design" %}Make fashion design sketches. Learn sewing techniques, pattern making, clothing construction, etc. {% elif subcategory == "knitting" %}Enjoy knitting. Learn knitting patterns and different knitting stitches. {% elif subcategory == "lego" %}Anything to do with Lego. Lego Robotics, Java coding, STEM concepts, product design, programming. {% elif subcategory == "model-building" %}Learn model building, model ship building, model car building. Build scale models on your own {% elif subcategory == "photography-and-video" %}Learn photography and videography. Study lighting. Learn post processing. Sign up now {% elif subcategory == "pottery" %}Learn pottery making. Work on a pottery wheel. Pottery painting. Pottery for kids. {% elif subcategory == "sculpture" %}Easy sculpture projects. Metal sculpture, wooden sculpture, clay sculpture. Learn sculpting {% elif subcategory == "sewing" %}Easy sewing projects for kids. Sign up with a provider today {% elif subcategory == "woodworking" %}Interested in woodworking? Enjoy woodworking projects. Take carpentry classes / woodworking classes, make easy woodworking projects {% elif subcategory == "african" %}Enjoy African dance, Afro - Haitian dance. Learn African dance moves. Take an African dance class today {% elif subcategory == "afro-haitian" %}Enjoy Afro - Haitian dance. Learn new African dance moves. Take an Afro Haitian dance class today {% elif subcategory == "ballet" %}Study ballet. Learn Russian ballet, classical ballet, ballet moves, choreography. Become a ballet dancer. Move like a ballerina {% elif subcategory == "ballroom" %}Walk into our dance studio. Study ballroom dancing. Take ballroom dance lessons. Enroll now {% elif subcategory == "belly-dance" %}Learn belly dance. Shake it up. Practice how to shimmy and shake. Practice a belly dance workout {% elif subcategory == "bollywood" %}Study Bollywood dance. Learn Bhangra, Kathak, dance choreography, and other Bollywood dance moves {% elif subcategory == "breakdance" %}Know how to breakdance? Join breakdance classes. Learn contemporary dance, breakdance, hip hop, krumping, dance routines. Join today {% elif subcategory == "contemporary" %}Learn contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz dance, krumping, hip hop, floor work, improv, etc. Sign up today {% elif subcategory == "hip-hop" %}Learn contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz dance, krumping, hip hop, floor work, improv, etc. Sign up today {% elif subcategory == "indian-classical" %}Learn Indian classical dance, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, dance choreography and more. Enroll today {% elif subcategory == "latin" %}Learn Latin dance like Tango, Salsa, Samba, Jive, Rumba, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Zamba and more. Sign up today {% elif subcategory == "modern" %}Learn contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz dance, krumping, hip hop, floor work, improv, classical dance, etc. Sign up today {% elif subcategory == "salsa" %}Learn Latin dance like Tango, Salsa, Samba, Jive, Rumba, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Zamba and more. Sign up today {% elif subcategory == "tap" %}Learn tap dance, syncopation, improvisation, Broadway tap, Jazz tap. Enroll today {% endif %}